COVID-19 Business Loans/Resources

At the Maitre Group, we search for the most recent information and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic to help businesses prepare to reboot their businesses as the economy changes.

There are a number of loans and grants available to businesses as well as changing laws to benefit business owners and employees.

Listed below are some of the most important to business.

Federal Help for Business:

We have found some of the most comprehensive and easiest to understand articles to assist business owners in understanding the various changes, loans and grants.

 1.  Update on Small Business, Independent Contractor Programs and Resources – Corona Virus by Liz Recchia, WeServ (April 9)

…….Families First Corona Virus Response Act – The Families First Act became effective April 1st. One of the main components of this legislation was the pushing down of The FMLA requirements to business of all sizes. FMLA mandates that employees be provided with up to 10 weeks of paid leave and…click HERE to continue reading article…..

2.  Relief for Workers Affected by Coronavirus Act – Phase 3 CARES Act 2020 – Unemployment Insurance by Liz Recchia WeServ (April 8)

As part of the Corona Virus phase 3 legislation, also known as the CARES Act, unemployment insurance is now available to small business, the self-employed and Independent Contractors (IC) HERE for more information..

3.  Families First Corona Virus Response Act – Phase 2 Corona Virus Relief – What it Means for Your Small Business by Liz Recchia, WeServ (April 7)

The Families First Act became effective April 1st and was signed into law on March 18th. It essentially pushes the requirements of FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) down to all small business, including those with 50 or fewer employees.…click HERE to continue reading article….

4.    EIDL Loans – Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Grants – Part of Phase 3 Corona Virus Relief by Liz Recchia, WeServ (April 6)

As part of the $2 Trillion CARES Act sole proprietors, Independent Contractors (ICs) and self-employed became eligible for SBA loans and grants not previously available to them…click HERE for more information….

5.   The CARES ACT – Paycheck Protection Program – Part of Phase 3 Corona Virus Relief by Liz Recchia, WeServ (April 5)

……..As of April 3rd, the portion of the law known as the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, went in to affect with the Small Business Administration (SBA) issuing guidance to lenders late April 2nd. The PPP is based on payroll expenses and is designed to cover payroll expenses during the 8 weeks of February 15 – June 30, HERE to continue reading article….

Additional Information:

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State & Local Programs:


State of California Business Loans & Employer Info- Covid 19

 San Francisco Hardship Emergency Loan Program (SF HELP)

City of Los Angeles Small Business Emergency Microloan Program



State of Arizona Business Loans and Employer Resources

Maricopa County Az – Business Loans and Employer Resources

City of Phoenix – Business Loans and Resources



Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant

City of Seattle – Business Loans and Resources

City of Bellevue – Business Loans and Resources



State of Oregon Business Loans and Resources

Portland Business Loans and Resources